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Electrolysis was the first effective technique of permanent hair removal. The technique was devised by an ophthalmologist, Charles E. Michael of St. Louis Missouri, in 1875 Dr. Michel had tried for many years to solve the problem of ingrown eyelashes, which caused severe irritations. Trying a new technique to solve the problem, Michel attached a very fine conductor wire to a dry cell battery. He then attached the wire to a surgical needle and inserted it into de follicle of the eyelashes. After the treatment, the hair did not regrow and history was made.
In 1924, Dr. H. Brodier of Paris developed Thermolysis, a method of hair removal using high frequency or alternating current. This method created heat to destroy the papilla, and became popular because it was a much faster technique.
In 1945, Henry St. Pierre and Arthur Hinkel successfully blended galvanic current with a high frequency current of low intensity. The currents ran simultaneously through a single tapered needle. This blend method was devised to destroy the dermal papilla and germinative cell by the composition much faster than galvanic current used by itself.


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